Corona Teknik access to a range of producer who involved in Commercial cars issues from old traditional systems to new high tech one. There is a sort of products which categorized in 4 parts for heavy mining vehicles, agricultural machines, trucks, buses, minibusses, vans, pickups and all other commercial cars:

  • Design and development
  • Manufacturing and fabrication
  • Services and maintenance
  • Remanufacturing and rebuilding


Corona Teknik’s main mission is concerned to this group of vehicles. It has more than 300 auto parts manufacturers as a partner in SERNAUTO association. Besides, there are about a thousand companies which directly or indirectly involve in auto parts industry. Most of the usual services of this section are:

  • Body and chassis parts
  • Electrical and climate control parts
  • Trim and hardware parts
  • Powertrain and suspension parts
  • Design, Test, Verification and Vehicle services

Corona Teknik knows enough about reliable sources. Sourcing department of Corona Teknik surveys all global raw material trends and ready to connect its loyal customers to reliable sources. All new environmental issues always considered as an international policy, So if there are a demand for sustainable, new, high-tech, affordable, competitive, diversified, and… of raw material, Corona Teknik is there.


In the way of producing; providing of tools and equipment always are indispensable, so Corona Teknik’s look at both issues is simultaneous. There are several thousand small to the big industries in Spain which give this kind of services, because where the manufacturers are; surely the service providers grow. Services include a wide range of content, from small expendable materials to large industrial equipment which the manufacturers need it.


Corona Teknik is a knowledge base company, active in seminars, congress, and academic events. Corona Teknik is ready to provide any consulting through its deep experiences in the whole country and introduce most famous industrial consultors and training institutes. Today achievements of training and consulting are not more secret. All companies have to be aware of fast moving technology by consulting and training, so where could they find a better place than Spain in concern of optimization factors? There are several engineering well-known companies which active in the automotive industry, most of them are international and global companies. Corona Teknik is a bridge for all automotive industry activist and specialist.