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Corona Teknik; a Spanish based company, partner and member of Spanish automotive equipment and components manufacturers (SERNAUTO) established to support the Iranian automotive industry including spare part market. The company’s highly skilled management team is well positioned and influential within the senior level industry forerunners of manufacturing plants, aftersales service locations and the general market.

Corona Teknik is the best choice for any companies interested to penetrate Iran’s automotive market being the right time to capture market share and profitability.

Corona Teknik is offering two schemes for companies to into Iran’s market, which will mutually result in the highest, return and most profitability. As the smartest approach into Iranian Automotive market, Corona will develop partnership/representation agency affiliation with companies to sell directly to automotive manufacturing plant within the country, which will create enormous opportunity for manufacturers and suppliers.

In addition, the company is prepared to offer consulting services in market entry to interested organizations where strategy is at the core of what we do. We help define strategies that plan for growth and market entry, establish a clearly identifiable brand position, develop customer-focused product and powertrain plans encompassing alternative propulsion, and explore new business fields.

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